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Courses can add to direct lectures by giving students more resources and information to help them understand and remember the ideas and information covered in lectures. This can help students understand the material better, remember it, and use it in real life.

For example, courses can include interactive activities, quizzes, assessments, and multimedia content like videos and images, making the learning experience more engaging and interactive. Students can work together and share their knowledge through online discussions, group projects, and peer reviews.

Self-paced courses can also let students review the material as often and quickly as they need to, giving them more control over their learning.

Overall, courses can be a good addition to direct lectures because they give students various ways to learn that can help them understand, remember, and use the information better.

The AI-assisted course creation process 

  • Efficiency: AI-assisted course creation tools can automate the process of making and organising course materials so that teachers can focus on other parts of teaching.
  • Customisation: Teachers make courses specific to their students' needs and interests.
  • Adaptive learning: AI can help teachers give their students a more personalized and flexible way to learn by tracking their progress and changing the course material accordingly.
  • Automatic grading: Teachers grade assignments and assessments automatically, saving time and effort.
  • Flexibility: Teachers can make courses and give them to students without lowering the quality of the learning.
  • Personalization: Teachers make learning paths for their students based on their strengths and weaknesses and the content they need to learn.

Advantages of Creating courses for the students 

  • Different kinds of resources: Online courses often offer different resources, like videos, readings, quizzes, and assignments, to help students understand and remember the material.
  • Flexibility: Online courses allow students to learn at their own pace and on their schedule.
  • Self-motivation: Courses can help students be more self-motivated as they control their learning experience.
  • Accessibility: Courses can help students get an education even if they can't attend traditional, in-person classes because of where they live, money, or other reasons.
  • Personalized learning: Students can get feedback on their work, which helps them figure out what they're good at and what they need to work on.


BrightClass lets teachers develop self-study courses for students online. BrightClass allows teachers to add videos, graphics, and text to make learning more exciting. Teachers can use the app to add quizzes and evaluations to the course to help students test their knowledge and understanding.

BrightClass lets teachers organize course information logically and intuitively in addition to multimedia content. This simplifies course navigation and information retrieval for students. A built-in content editor lets teachers create and change course materials without technical knowledge.

BrightClass lets teachers design math, science, and language courses. With the app's analytics and reporting tools, teachers can track how their students are doing in class and how far they've come. BrightClass is a simple and effective platform that lets teachers build self-study courses for their students that are interactive and customized to their needs.

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